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Funds for Historic Buildings

  Programme Name
  Summary of Funding   Among a broader range of charitable objectives, the Trust will occasionally consider giving grants for the preservation of both religious and secular buildings of historic or architectural interest, mainly in North Yorkshire and the North East of England.
  Eligible Applicants   Organisations with charitable status only (only exceptionally will the Trust help individuals).
  Geographical Coverage   Mainly North Yorkshire and North East of England.
  Eligibility Criteria  
  Other Considerations   Because many applications are made from those who are applying to the Lottery Fund, the Trust may make pledges of grants on condition that the project is able to go ahead.
  Amount   Small; with very few exceptions, grants are typically for a maximum of †¬£10,000†- frequently less.
  Form of Payment  
  Size of Fund   Large.
  Application Form   By letter. No response is made unless the application is successful.
  Guidance Notes Available   No.
  Timetable   The trustees meet two or three times a year to award grants.

  Organisation   The Normanby Charitable Trust
  Address   52 Tite Street, London, SW3 4JA
  Further Information  
  AHF Comment   The Trust's Trust Deed gives the Trustees the discretion to award grants†for any charitable purposes that they may decide from time to time.† No specific categories are specified.† Their report for the year ended April 2008 lists an eclectic mix of beneficiaries, including a few historic building restoration†projects.
  Last Updated   23-11-2009